UCA-Lite (Cloud)

Process and track claims in a cloud based environment.


The UCA-Lite application gives employers with low claim volume the opportunity to process and track claims in a cloud based environment. In addition to saving you time and money, the application improves your ability to manage all claim activity, benefit charges and comes with several reporting options. Try it and see how quickly it becomes an integral tool in your small business’ unemployment management process.

UCA-Lite Features

  • Takes user from Initial protest to board of review with the ability to attach all company, claim and employee documents as well as wages earned
  • Audit benefit charge statements
  • Provides user with pre-defined verbiage based on company to use on protest letters
  • Electronic data feed of Wage and Separation information available
  • Prepare for hearing, request additional information and download hearing dates and time directly to outlook or email directly to client
  • Provides claim specific alerts
  • 7 Benefit Charge Audits and letters

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