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Why should YOUR organization utilize Us4U?

The Benefits

Our software is perfect for any business, no matter how many employees your organization has. Whether you’re a corporate office or independent firm, we have a plan that’ll suit your business needs. When you work with our program, you’ll finally have the freedom to:

  • Efficiently control and monitor your unemployment claims
  • Appeal unfavorable decisions
  • Prepare for an unemployment hearing
  • Audit charges
  • Generate reports in any manner and frequency you wish.

Our Solutions

Our software is absolutely invaluable to any business aiming for effective unemployment cost control. It is compliant with the Unemployment Insurance Integrity Act,  has a proven higher win ratio, and leaves less of a footprint on the environment due to its paperless nature. Most of all- it gives you, the busy business owner, the freedom required to self-administer all claim activity and maintain complete control of your UI cost.

All of our solutions come equipped with the following great features:

  • Lower UI Tax Rate.
  • Increases accuracy of claim and charge detail audits and storage of all claim related documents.
  • Allows user to utilize one application for all claim processing, charge audits, benefit wage audits.
  • Significantly cuts down the time needed to audit charges and process claims.
  • Increases accuracy of claim and charge detail.

Have a look at our full range of solutions below and if you have any questions, give us a call.

UCA 360 (Enterprise)

The Unemployment Claims Auditor gives the employer the power to take complete control of processing and maintaining unemployment claim records. Our software is designed to be a single source where you can monitor claims, identify and track chargeability, hearings and generate both internal and external reporting, all the while using your company’s specific terms and timelines.

UCA-Lite (Cloud)

The UCA-Lite application gives employers with low claim volume the opportunity to process and track claims in a cloud based environment. In addition to saving you time and money, the application improves your ability to manage all claim activity, benefit charges and comes with several reporting options. Try it and see how quickly it becomes an integral tool in your small business’ unemployment management process.

THE Extractor 360

The Extractor 360 – Allows you to simply scan claim and charge documents which, via OCR technology, automatically populates all the required data fields to UCA 360 or any internal database application. Both the time saved and increased accuracy of claim and charge detail make this application invaluable in the daily processing of claims in any State. The Claim and the Charge modules can be leased separately.


The Unemployment Tax Auditor gives employers the ability to complete tax rate projections, verifications, voluntary contributions and joint analysis for multiple companies.


Us4U can build the connectors to SIDES for all states at a fraction of the cost of an internal IT department.  This Department of Labor mandated initiative enables employers to respond to the state agencies electronically for different levels of claim activity.  Connecting via SIDES will ensure employers will be in compliance with the UI Integrity Act.


Unemployment Team Development is a consulting service to assist businesses with creating an internal UI team.  We will assist with all aspects from hiring the right staff to process your claims, hearing representation to application training.

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