Us4U is dedicated to returning unemployment insurance administration and unemployment claims management back in to the hands of the employer.

Us4U’s goal is to encourage employers to regain control of unemployment claims administration and costs associated with the program, using our web based internally hosted, secure and efficient software system.  Us4U brings order, simplicity and accountability while eliminating the errors and duplication of efforts often associated with outsourcing the program.

Us4U’s software tools will allow claims to be processed by your staff – staff that’s familiar with the separation … staff who can pursue claims through all the adjudicative levels while maintaining a history of each action… staff who can record benefit charges associated with these claims to be sure no erroneous benefits increase your costs.  And finally, staff that can tell you at a moment’s notice exactly the status of any claim.

Us4U’s unemployment software solutions are effective, straightforward, and intended to give you a full functioning system to control your claims and related costs.

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