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Our Mission

Unemployment Solutions For You (“Us4U”) was founded by seasoned Unemployment Insurance and Information Technology executives after realizing that employers needed a better, more efficient way to manage their unemployment costs. Our mission is simple. We want to empower business owners of all sizes to be able to self-administer their unemployment claims activity during every step of the process, from the initial claim to auditing the charge statements.

Our Passion

The ONLY tax that an Employer has control over is their unemployment tax rate and Us4U knows exactly what it takes to contain Unemployment Insurance costs. We are passionate about helping employers maintain the lowest tax rate by providing them with an efficient and cost effective tool that will enable them to remain compliant with the UI Integrity Act while avoiding unnecessary risk and cost.

Our Difference

What makes Us4U stand apart from our competition is our unparalleled customer service and the fact that our executives truly care. We’re proud have a personal connection with every valued client and always do everything we can to meet them on their level. Our connection and vested interest in your business keeps us committed to providing you with outstanding customer service alongside stellar software support.

Our Community Involvement

In addition to our compassion for our clients, we really care about the environment. In a world where your carbon footprint counts, our software will help employers “go green” with our paperless solution and eliminate the need for endless filing cabinets.
We’re also proud to support the American Heart Association’s initiative – Go Red For Women, an organization that promotes heart disease awareness amongst American females. Please join us in supporting this worthy cause by donating here.


50% reduction in workforce labor and costs

Over 1 Million claims processed in UCA 360

Audited benefit charges have totaled over $8 Million in credits to our Clients


Clients protested 70% of their claims resulting in 42% favorable decision

Unemployment Solutions For You Joined EY on May 20, 2022.

The information on this website is accurate through May 20, 2022. It has not been updated to reflect the transaction.