5 Ways to Enrich Company Culture & Create Happy Employees

Creating an engaging and positive work environment is one of the biggest challenges a business owner can face today. In fact, Gallup’s 2012 State of the American Workplace found that around 70 percent of Americans are not emotionally invested in their current job. While there are a multitude of reasons for this lack of engagement, the most common cause is simply company culture.

What is company culture?
This buzz-worthy phrase simply refers to the overall mission, values, and personality of your workplace, and how those shape an employee’s day to day experience at your company

Creating a Work ‘Culture’ For A New Generation
As more and more millennials begin to make up the work force, it is clear that crafting a trusting, informed, fun, creative company culture creates happy employees. Happy employees work harder than their dissatisfied colleagues and create a strong foundation for your organization to grow.
Here are 5 ways you can improve your company’s culture today.

1. Encourage Strengths and Interests
If an employee sees a need within your company and is driven to fill it, don’t let rigid titles and hierarchies stand in their way. Encourage flexibility and lateral moves to allow your employee to reach their full potential.

2. Be transparent

Transparency refers to being honest and upfront with employees and customers. Open communication about your company’s finances creates a concrete link back to employee performance, and will either encourage employees to continue the good work or motivate them to do better.

3. Offer Perks

While finances might limit how much your organization will offer, they shouldn’t dictate what you can offer. Business owners should be aware of their finances, but if they’re not, they could consider using some cash flow analysis software from a company like Synario. That would help businesses to see an analysis of their finances for the future, allowing them to see what they can afford and how it will impact the business. With that sort of software, businesses should be able to offer more to their employees. You don’t have to have a personal yoga instructor on staff to offer health and wellness benefits, why not organize a running group or even a social kickball league? Or, you could consider going for some sales incentive options, such as small bonuses or in-store rewards for those with the best or most consistant numbers.

4. Facilitate Office Fellowship

Staff that play together, stay together. Organizing fun activities that encourage your employees to invest in their friendship with each other outside of the workplace is a surefire way to create a positive, productive company culture.

5. Provide Training
Go above and beyond to provide in-house training opportunities, and encourage independent study options. A great way to do this is to create a reward system for doing things like completing video tutorials, attending conferences, or keeping up on industry publications.

Something to keep in mind, if you were to consider remote working and results there of, the same suggestions may not always apply. Consider clearly stating goals and expectations to remote teams, be mindful of their time zone, and give regular feedback.

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