The Knowledge You Need to Win Your Claim

Let’s clear some things up. Specifically, about your attendance policy. Did you know that your attendance policy can protect you against absenteeism issues or in the case of a claim? Meaning, that a clearly written policy can help your employees understand what is expected of them even if they have a cold, have hit traffic on their way to work, or just need some unexpected time off. To start with, it’s good to know that the unemployment insurance system is set up in such a way that the Claimant will usually get unemployment insurance benefits unless the employer effectively protests the claim. So, you will need to be able to back yourself up when it comes time to protest that claim. This is where your attendance policy comes in. We want to let you know that your attendance policy can become your best friend and your best defense when it comes to protesting an unemployment insurance claim. As it is, absenteeism issues are some of the hardest to protest when it comes to unemployment insurance. To have the best chance of winning a claim, keep in mind these four key things: Be detail oriented. Many times, an employer can lose attendance related protest because they haven’t paid much attention to their attendance policy. To help, set and define the rules as clearly as possible when it comes to no call/no shows so that there are no questions about what your policy is.” For example, make it clear that your policy states that this kind of absence is considered a voluntary quit. Don’t be vague. Any wiggle room in your...

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