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Taking Unemployment Solutions into the 21st Century, One Business At A Time.

As an employer, you know that the only tax you can control is your Unemployment Tax Rate, and keeping your unemployment insurance costs low is an important part of keeping your business healthy. However, dealing with unemployment claims is complicated, time consuming and most of all, expensive. Per the Department of Labor, the State agencies overall Unemployment Insurance improper payment error rate is currently at 11.4% or $10.3B! 

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Help is finally at hand!  Us4U was designed with one goal in mind – to provide busy employers like you with a simple, cost effective, efficient software tool to manage your unemployment costs. Now you don’t need to be an unemployment claims expert because all the knowledge, forms and tools required to keep track of this important part of your business are now easily accessed at your personal computer through our unique software platform. It’s efficient and easy to understand, but best of all- it’ll save you time AND money. So, what are you waiting for? Join Us4U as we pave the way for better unemployment solutions in the 21st century, today.


50% reduction in workforce labor and costs

Over 2 Million claims processed in UCA 360

Audited benefit charges have totaled over $8 Million in credits to our Clients


Clients protested 70% of their claims resulting in 42% favorable decision

Us4U provides businesses with world-class professional unemployment consulting and software solutions.

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